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Mar. 27, 2019

I've decided to change the format of this site..AGAIN

You will still be able to contact me with any questions you may have.
Continue you to use the site as usual, however you will see additions and subtractions as I change the format, one more time.

TCDB Members

Part of my "new contstruction" will be to use BOBSCARDZ as an extension of my TCDB Collections and User Lists. Eventually I would like to post pictures and information about items that are not acceptable in the TCDB. TCDB has rules and policies about what a member can list, therefore to abide by their wishes, I will just provide a link to this website for any member interested in "checking out"  Other Collectibles. Thank You, ~BOB~

*I've provided an example below:

Pete Rose - Photocard/Postcard size and material. No visible info or marking on back. ?